13th century cortes

Early assembly of the Cortes Reals, 1290s

The Cortes is the parliamentary body of government in Antaria, being the legislative branch of government. The Cortes originate with the Cortes Reals of 1296 (of Greater Alpedra), as an advisory council with limited power. The cortes achieved some measure of political power in the early 16th century BNC and since 1771 have been a democratically elected lawmaking body.


The cortes is a bicameral body, but with only the council (eu Conseis) having real power.

The conseis is composed of 100 members, all elected every four years. They are often members of one of the main (or even minor) parties, though on occasion indeendents have managed to be elected as well. These are in charge of writing and passing laws and amendments and are the most important government body, along with the President of the Council (Prime Minister).

The senate, on the other hand, is a small 20-member body selected by the King or Queen of Antaria. This body is meant at both assisting the council on writing and assessing the effects of laws, and are composed by specialized professionals like economists, political scientists, lawyers. They serve for four years, and must be nonpartisan. Unlike the council, the senate cannot overturn its decisions, only making recommendations.

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