In the world of Cosmic Mind, Earth is inhabited by Humans, Yōkai, and many other divine beings (from Hinduism, Chinese Mythology, Korean Mythology, and some Native American religions, several Pagan religions, and other old mythologies). Many of the divine beings are resembled in a Humanoid form, though some are also seen in their original form. Magic is also commonplace, not just among divine beings but many Humans as well (mainly in Asia and the Americas).

Wars have been fought with either regular weapons (like arrows and guns), Danmaku-style with Spell Cards, standard magic, or a mix with any of the above. Those who don't have any kind of magic are generally weaker than those who have it, and usually rely on their weapons they had built/put together. While still not of much help (at least back then), they did manage to take a few targets. As more advanced weaponry were made, they had more success in fighting against the magic-based armies, but still has defeats frequently.

History as we know it from Our Timeline is changed drastically. Empires such as Rome and Spain had never formed; while China, India, and Japan had grown into powerful large empires. A majority of Europe and the Middle East, due to their anti-magic stance, have grown to rely mainly on technology, though some places in Europe had been either vassals, colonies, or dominions of the Eastern Empires throughout history. The Eastern Religions, such as Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism are widespread and are the top four major religions. Other religions such as Paganism (Norse for example), Native American religions (Aztec), and few other religions (such as Zoroastrianism) are followed in reasonable numbers, while the Abrahamic Religions are nearly non-existent.

Technology is more advanced, and many technology seen from Our Timeline, such as phones and computers, were invented earlier. The car, for one, was invented around the 1500s by Japanese engineers. By the 1800s, space ships and Terraforming had became a reality and many nations had begun to expand outside of Earth.

The current year of this timeline is 2031.

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