Court of Appeals of Washingtonia
Established 13 March 1956
Jurisdiction Kingdom of Washingtonia
Location Cardin Hall of Justice, Foundersville
Composition method Executive appointment
Authorized by Court of Appeals Act of 1956
Number of positions Three Judges, including the President
Currently Martin Parkerson
Since 2 July 1999
The Court of Appeals (often referred to as the Appeals Court) is the intermediate appellate court of the Kingdom of Washingtonia. It is an ordinary court created by way of an Act of the Grand Washingtonian Assembly (the Court of Appeals Act of 1956), distinguishing it from the constitutionally created "extraordinary" courts, namely the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. It serves as the first level of appeal from the Provincial Courts, the Finance Court and the Family Court.

The Court is staffed by a bench of three judges (each known as a "Judge of Appeals"), one of whom is the President of the Court of Appeals. According to the Court of Appeals Act, all three judges are appointed from already serving judges in the lower courts by the President, in consultation with the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court and the President of the Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals is situated in the Cardin Hall of Justice in Foundersville.

The current President of the Court of Appeals is Martin Parkerson JA, who was appointed by President Wilson Evrard on 2 July 1999. He received the endorsement of both the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court.

Legal basis

Main article: Court of Appeals Act of 1956


Jurisdiction and responsibility


According to the Court of Appeals Act, the President of Washingtonia is responsible for the appointment of the Bench. No legislative confirmation is required. The Act further requires that the President act in consultation with both the current Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court. He is therefore not required to act specifically on their advice, however must take it into account. The President of the Court of Appeals is merely designated as such, but for all intents and purposes is a regular Judge of Appeal. His principal role is to act as the chairperson of the Bench during proceedings.

List of current Judges of Appeal

Name Born Appt. by First day /
Length of service
Previous positions
Martin Parkerson JA
18 February 1953 (age 61)
in Foundersville, North Island
Wilson Evrard 2 July 1999
15 years
Judge of Finance, Finance Court (1989-1999)
Lead Prosecutor, KLPS (1983-1989) Prosecutor, KLPS (1976-1983)
Jay Kenneth Wilson JA 2 May 1965 (age 49)
in John Town, South Island
Wilson Evrard 21 April 2002
12 years
Provincial Judge, South Island PC (1993-2002)
Private practice (1988-1993)
Anton Reyer JA 29 May 1949 (age 65)
in Landing, North Island
Malcolm Lexington 17 September 1995
19 years
Provincial Judge, North Island PC (1987-1995)
Professor, King George Law School (1975-1987)
Associate Professor, KG Law School (1971-1975)

List of former Presidents

# Name Appt. by Term
4 John Basset Adam Johnson 1991-1999
3 Jonathan Risk Sébastian R. LeClerc 1977-1991
2 Antony Graham Gavin T. Levis 1970-1977
1 Robert Tallorder Johnson Martin Laut 1956-1970

Cardin Hall of Justice

Cardin Hall of Justice

Hall of Justice.

The Cardin Hall of Justice (commonly simply referred to as the "Hall of Justice"), named after former Chief Justice Stephen Cardin of the Constitutional Court, who served between 1936 and 1950 (14 years), was built for the explicit purpose of housing the newly created Appeals Court. Construction began in late 1956 and continued until the building was finished in November 1959. In the three year interim period, the Court of Appeals sat in the North Island Provincial Court Building, sharing the premises with that court. The structure further houses the Office of Judicial Administration, a division of the Ministry of Justice, which is responsible for general services and logistical support for the judiciary.

The Hall of Justice is situated on the corner of Murphy Road and Juris Avenue, across from Bar House.

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