In the Allied States federal system, the federal courts make up the judicial branch of the federal government and state courts make up the judiciary of the respective state/province. Contrary to popular belief, state courts are in fact always inferior to federal courts.

Federal courts

The courts are one of the three coequal branches of the federal government, and include:

Highest court

Appellate courts

  • Allied States High Courts of Appeal (general trial appeal courts)
  • Allied States High Courts of Appeal for the Military (appeal courts relating to military matters)

Original jurisdiction

  • Allied States High Courts (general trial courts)
  • Allied States High Courts for the Military (courts relating to military matters)

State/provincial courts

Highest courts

  • State/provincial supreme courts (similar to the AS Supreme Court, but on a state level - 15 supreme courts)

Appellate courts

  • State/provincial courts of appeal (similar to the High Courts of Appeal, but on a state level - 15 courts of appeal)

Original jurisdiction

  • Superior courts (similar to the High Courts, but on a state level - one superior court per county/independent city)

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