Crazy Earth is a little project that involves a post-apocalyptic earth, after a meteor devastates the majority of it's economic-superpower type countries. Now, smaller countries must expand in order to create balance among the world. 

Aside from this, insane, mutated creatures (but 'crazy' in a cartoonish way) have grown from unknown radiation inhabiting the meteor. Feel free to make up any sort of country, creature or even landmass; you must give an explanation and develop your idea. Put your idea on the talk page and I'll let you do it if I like it.


Adding a map soon!

These are my ideas so far:

Name Location Flag Britain British Isles Union Jack
British-controlled France West Europe French Tricolour (with Union Jack)
(Great) India South Asia Tiranga (with Indian Royal design)
Arctic Alliance Scandinavia, Arctic Circle Green background, White stripes Swedish flag

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