Welcome to Conworlds wikia! Here you can build your own world - with separate pages for every event, organization, country, technology, etc in your world - then link them together, adorn them with maps and images, and categorize them all with your own category.

Before you start


Here at Conworlds we categorize our pages for organization and searching:

  1. We add [[Category:(name of world)]] to each page in our world. That way you can find all the pages in your world by going to your world's category page.
  2. We add the [[Category:Worlds]] tag in that category. That way people can find your world.
  3. We add conceptual categories (eg. [[Category:Artifacts]]) to each page in our world. The categories at present are:

Let's get started

Enter in the name of your new page (if it's a page for your world, please enter the world name as well, eg: Title (Worldname)).


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