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The Crew of the Starfire are the crew of the Dragon-Class Transport ship, the Starfire

Maximus Fry

Venus Johannesson

Venus Johannesson is the powerful, second in command, and lifelong buddy of Max, also an orphan. Venus commonly finds herself in the role of Matriarch of the ship. Venus was born on Benzaiten, and lived at the same orphanage as Max, until they broke out together and left to start a new life of their own. 

Maliki Hoburn

Maliki Hoburn, commonly known as Malik, is the ship's charismatic, tough, ladies man, hired muscle. A former mercenary, Malik turned his back on the trade after Max showed him the pirates life, and how he could triple the pay. Maliki was born on the planet Kojin, where his family carved out a harsh existence in the heat. Maliki left Kojin when he was 17, hitching a ride with some mercenaries who took him under their wing. Maliki has a poweful Augmented Arm. 

Kaylee Omoto

Kaylee Omoto, is the innocent, yet streetwise wizkid ship mechanic. Born on Raijin, she has always been interested in engines and disassembling things. She was orphaned at a young age, and started work as a ship mechanic at 18. She was offered a job by Max when they were passing through after he had aquired the Starfire. She and Max have a special affinity, both being orphans and having nothing but the ship. 

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