Crimson Citadel
The Crimson Citadel is the offical center of the Kingdom of Tameros, and the monotheistic religion of the Crimson Oath. It is the seat of the current rulling Crimson Monarch, Rowan I. Located within the walled city of Vermilion. Following the long vast Nave which leads too the Throne of Tameros, regarded as the most holy position in the Known World.

Within the Crimson Citadel is also home to the Tameros Court, located on a side wing of the structure. Seen as the political heart of the Kingdom, most consider the Court and the Throne of Tameros are in a ideological war of 'state and religion'. Rowan typically will be the only soul within the throne room, and will only allow some in on special occasions. While common to have performers, food and wine within a throne room, Rowan has forbidden all human indulgence.