The Order of Crimson Knights is a a wealthy and powerful military organisation of the Crimson Oath, dedicated to the Crimson Monarch and the Kingdom of Tameros. Located in almost every petty kingdom of Tameros, the Order controls some sort of holding; be it a bank or abbey. Lead by Rowan I; it is the offical holder of land of the former Kingdom of Sinum

Founded by several monotheistic dissenters to the Alaenigen polytheistic religions, the self proclaimed prophet Lord Allon, teaching of the fiery Crimson God was the major figurehead. In the 19th Year of Discord, Rowan I joined the group as a small child and Lord Allon used the boys visions as testimony too the fiery God. While the organisation was formerly divided between the religious and military sects, with Rowan leading the knights and Lord Allon leading the priesthood. In the 2nd year of the Era of Discord, a ideological split occurred between Lord Allon and Rowan, Rowan supported the western powers while Allon supported the eastern powers. In the Battle of the Scarlet Banners, Rowan captured Allon and burnt him on the stake and took full control of the Order and flung the Order in full support for the western powers. Currently the King of Tameros, Rowan I leads the Crimson Knights.


Holding ideological ties to the natives of Tameros, the order was formed mostly by monotheistic theologians inside the the Kingdom of Sinum around the 23rd Year of the Era of Discord. Lord Allon, a former adviser to the King of Sinum, Robert Kernt was expelled when the King had discovered that Allon had intentions to convert him to a 'monotheistic' standing; away from the formal teachings of Alaenigen polytheism. With Lord Allon, took almost 130 followers to the wooden lands of the southern portion of the Kingdom around the border of the Theme of Western Tameros. From several accounts, Allon indulged in prostitution and was known for theft; making him a distasteful leader among the monotheistic followers. His charismatic qualities and wealth kept most of his followers from leaving.

Lord Allon and his forces were met by a boy named Rowan, whom had journey from the Theme. Rowan wasn't hesitant in telling his story, Lord Allon listened and gave the child food and shelter.

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