Number of speakers 120-175 million
Spoken in Flag of the Ponant Ponant

Criollatina languages are languages of the Republic of the Ponant which is spoken by the Dunguna (non-indigenous) people speaking originally Romance languages : Catalan, Castillan, Italian...

Romance languages in the Ponant

Romance languages in the Ponant influenced each other.

Birth of Criollatina

To ease communication between peoples speaking other Romance languages, there were plenty of lingua francas spoken all around the country. Those lingua francas were called Criollatinas, more rarely Iberico. Those plenty of intercommunautary languages became normalized to give the Criollatina, which split into three forms : Western, Central, and Eastern. The Eastern dialects are more conservative than the western one, making the Eastern more comprehensible than the western.


Text in Criollatinas and in father languages

Text Si yo pudiera volar (si podyero bolá), from Manolo Escobar, translated into main dialects of Criollatina.

Western Central Eastern Spanish Catalan

Ay, si yu pudyera
está on libre paharito
e krusá po les frontyeres
kun tota libertá
Ay, si yu podyera
está igwal ke les ninos
e jogá ku les amikos
sin pensá en la maldá

Ay, si eo puguei
esser un liber burquecio
e cruar per li fronteras
am tuda libertà
Ay, si eo puguei
esser icual que li nois
e jougar am los amigs
sinte pensar en la maldà

Ay si pudiereu volare
estare on libre pajarilo
e crocere per els fronteres
con entera libertate
Ay, si pudiereu
estare ecual que els chiquilos
e jugare con los amigues
sin pensare enda maldate

Ah, si io pudēra volare
estar un libre paxarilho
i cruzar per los frontēras
con entēr libertā
Ah, si io pudēra
estar iguà que los impantes
i jogar con los amiques
sin pensar à la maldā

Ay, si yo pudiera
ser un libre pajarillo
y cruzar por las fronteras
con entera libertad.
Ay, si yo pudiera
ser igual que los chiquillos
y jugar con los amigos
sin pensar en la maldad.

Ai, si jo pogués
ser un lliure ocellet
i creuar per les fronteres
amb tota llibertat.
Ai, si jo pogués
ser igual que els nois
i jugar amb els amics
sense pensar en la maldat.

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