Crystal Sereò was the queen over the land Sereò and the Sereò Belt. Crystal was also a great magican and spokeswoman for the humans during the Jakîm attacks on Rekïr. She saved alot of peasants by helping them into her lands of monarchy. She was also a cunning warrior in the battlefield. She was probobly the biggest cause that made Lêtam withdraw from the siege, because she casted a big firebolt direcly at him that caused big injuries for him. Later that night he was assasinated by the doxterian Delph Strange from Nolg.

Sereò Kingdom

Crystal was famous for her rule over the Sereò Monarchy rule. Her heir binded the faithful imperial countries together into one big monarchy, where she was the queen. The opposite would be the Vei Op democracy. These two 'sides' has always been fighting each other for greater power, even though that's not what Crystal wanted. She only wanted a kingdom of loyalty and security. In the book, Nelàm Rekïr, she shows her kindness by giving Delph Stange a victorious kiss when he returns to the camps of Rekïr after he'd slain Lêtam.

List of the Sereò Belt








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