The culture of the Kingdom of Palmares is based off of Brazilian culture, but has been greatly influenced by the government's political views, native Amazonian cultures, and Portugese culture.


95% of Palmarista citizens speak Palmalingu, which is the primary language of government and most services in the country. It is an agglomerate language consisting of a combination of English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Arawak, and has been described as the "world's weirdest language". Arawak languages are spoken by 19% of the population as a first language, and 5% speak only these languages, mainly in isolated areas. About 50% speak these languages as a second language. Spanish, English and Mandarin are taught in schools, with Spanish being spoken by a quarter of the population, English by 15%, and Mandarin by 11%.


The most populous single religion in the Kingdom of Palmares is Christianity, which counts about 35% of the population as adherents.  20% of the population are disciples of Afro-Brazilian religions, with another 20% following closely connected Brazilian native religion. These religions include practices which have been widely condemned by the international religious community, including the lack of a concept of good or bad, and the use of hallucinogenic drugs. About 5% are Buddhists, a religion which is expanding the most quickly of any of the various religions in Palmares. ANother 5% are variosu minority religions, with the last 15% being atheists or agnostics. 

Race & Ancestry

Most inhabitants of Palmares are of indeterminate race, a result of the varied ethno-political history of the area. Only 25% identify as a specific race, with about 10% calling themselves "white", 5% "black" and 10% "native Amazonian". The major ancestral groups are European, African, and native. A significant immigrant community, mainly from East Asia, also exists, and teh governemnt is encouraging immigration, resulting in an inrush of about 100,000 people in 2013.






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Family Structure


Popular Culture




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