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Federal Republic of Curcentran
Flag 3
Country Seal 3
Flag Seal
Map 6
Political Map
Capital Yadesamo, CFD
Largest city Khyansburg, TG
Official languages English, Swedish, French, Greenlandic
Ethnic groups American, Canadian, French, English, Swedish
Demonym Curcentri
Government Federal Republic
Legislature Federal Council of Curcentran
National Board of Curcentran
Official Assembly of Curcentran
• Date
November 3, 1929
• 2012 census
Currency Tecuron (CUR)
Calling code +1
Internet TLD .cur
Curcentran is a federal republic near western Canada consisting of seven provinces and one federal district. The provinces are Bluestone Islands, Ven Island, Yennucton, Springgrounds, The Greatlands, Chyrnton, and Kevuron. The federal district is called The Curcentri Federal District (often shortened to CFD).


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Curcentran consists of 6 main islands surrounding the mainland. Centon Island, Toulones Island, Ven Island, Lakewater Island, Summerrain Island, and Dexter Island. The most populated island is Centon Island. Most of the islands are tropical and rural. There is a large mountain range on Centon Island that covers most of the west side of the island.