Wynncester, Westseaxena Cyneríce


  • 7: 32 Sierrans civilians were killed yesterday following a brutal missile attack by neighbouring Mexico. The attacks took place against the Sierran city of La Paz in Pacifico Sur, a territory disputed between both states. Both Sierra and the United States has petitioned the League of Nations for sanctions against Mexico and have demanded reparations in the sum of $19 million KSD to Sierra for the damage. Prime Minister Earmswíðes has denounced Mexico's actions in a statement made earlier today. 
  • 8: Prime Minister Earmswíðes has announced that the vote on whether Wessex should directly take part in Airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq will take placen next week on the 16th of October. The cross-party vote of conscience will determine if Wessish fighter-jets will bomb predetermined ISIS targets in Iraq. Despite the government's opposition to the United States bombing in Syria, many MPs are expected to be in favour of these measures against ISIS. 
  • 9: Many Wessish Members of the European Parliament has spoken out against the signing of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the US and EU. The EUMPs have joined many others to protest against its proposition, aswell as many other pressure groups. The agreement would mean increase corporate power to disgusitng limits, and allowing companies to the sue the government if it feels its right to financial gains have been infringed by such things as the minimum wage. Progressive MPs have already proposed using one of the Wessex's EU policy opt-outs if this agreement is ratified as it is deemed highly unpopular both with politicians and the public. 
  • 14: Two petitions contaning 2.1 million signatures each for the scrapping of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) have been handed to the government today, a further three containing 1.5 million signatures each have been presented to the EU General Assembly. TTIP has been widely unpopular in many countries across Europe however the opposition in Wessex has been regarded as pervasive. 
  • 15: The Health Ministry has confirmed plans to begin Ebola screening for passengers arriving at Winchester from West Africa and the United States by air, and passengers arriving by Eurostar. Screening is expected to begin on Friday morning, with the first flight subject to these measures scheduled to land at 8am on that day. Passengers temperatures will be measured, aswell as being required to fill out questionnaires detailing their movements, and they will be kept in touch with for atleast 21 days following their arrival which spans the Ebola incubation period. Several quarantine centres in hospitals across Wessex has been readied for any cases that threaten the country. 

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