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This is a reference page for collated major international timeline events that occur in Altverse.


  • 06: On Saturday, around 9:34 AM Pacific time, Mexico launched five ballistic missiles from its territory against the Sierran city of La Paz in Pacífico Sur. 32 civilians, all of Sierran nationality were killed and conservative estimates of the damages are about $19 million KSD.
  • 06: Crowds of protestors have been demonstrating on the streets of the Dang capital Tafingge Gemun throughout the night. Protests began at 8pm yesterday, and have been centred around Cuse Geoli and featured over a thousand participants protesting about the lack of political freedoms. Many of them students and young people, who say they have been inspired by the 'Umbrella Revolution' pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.
  • 07: President Uzun of Kurdistan announces that the Kurdistan will be moving troops into Syria and Iraq to counter IS forces. Turkish troops are ordered to be mobilised at the border.
  • 08: Unrest has broken out in the Portuguese territory of Sri Lanka, riots began around 11:30 and have continued, reports say that nearly 24 people have been arrested and two Portuguese soldiers have been injured. The unrest coincides with the visit of King Alphonse V to the territory, and follows months of growing tensions. 
  • 10: The Austral American Union releases a joint statement from all its members backing Sierra in the current conflict. Tensions between the Union and Mexican-aligned states in South America rise because of the condemnation of the actions of the Mexican government, following a pattern of rising tensions across the Americas.
  • 11: For the third time the Russian government has denied Dangrussia to hold a referendum on reunification. Protests erupted in the Dangrussian capital of Goro Gemun following the news, however these were quickly dispersed by authorities. The General Secretary has released a statement saying that he is "disappointed in the Russian government for their sheer disregard for the right of the people of Dangrussia to self-determination." 


  • 2: Unknown amount of rockets launched off today from an disclosed located in Western Australia. Witnesses of the launch noted that the size of the propulsion and amount of noise it caused reminded them of the launches conducted by the United Socialist Commonwealth in the 1960's. United Commonwealth Chief Executive John Ashford replied to questions on the event, "...we are as baffled as you are." 

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