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  • La Paz incident: Portuguese Minster of Foreign AffairsAmanda Cabral Castro, held a quick conference in São Paulo noting that Portuguese interests in Central America are significant regarding the Panama Canal and that disruptive activities ensured by the Mexican Social Republic will be discouraged. It has been recorded in Portuguese history that the ruling Dynasty, the Pereria Family, has held great hatred for Fascism- originating from the Portuguese-Spanish turmoil in the mist of the reign of Francisco Franco.
  • Sri Lankan Uprisings King Alphonse V will be journeying to the Portuguese held Dominion of Sri Lanka, which for the past few months has been in social unrest- with minor protests and political action. King Alphonse will be leaving around 12:30, to arrive at Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte at 8 in the evenening tomorrow. He is set out to greet the stationed Portuguese Royal Army; and its Prime Minister D. M. Jayaratne. Several Sri Lankan Nationalists have stated that the visit might incite more violence.


  • Sri Lankan Uprisings: Today his Majesty set foot in the Dominion of Sri Lanka this evening- he was greeted by this Sri Lankan Prime Minister and the military coordinator of the forces stationed on the Island. First a formal dinner was held and then a military parade was conducted in which many Sri Lankan's saw as "...authoritarian show of force..." it was after the televised speech of the King to the Portuguese troops that social unrest began. Most cite his statement of "...Sri Lanka tem sido Português ... hoje é português e amanhã ele permanecerá português!" which roughly translate as "...Sri Lanka has been it is Portuguese and tomorrow it will remain portuguese!" Riots began around 11:30 and have continued, reports say that nearly 24 people have been arrested and two Portuguese soldiers have been injured.
  • Ebola Outbreak: Portuguese military forces in Portuguese Domain of Guinea-Bissau maintain its borders with a zero-tolerance entry, Portuguese nationals are forbidden to travel to Portuguese held territories in Western Africa. The Ministério da Saúde has developed the makeshift global checkpoint for travelers from West Africa to other parts of the world on the the Island of Sal, Cape Verde. In the northern half of the Island is a makeshift quarantine camp; ready to house nearly a hundred people.