Eӧгkиnmtzvöяk Nötaи

Eӧгkияmплʙгık Vӓиtгanө



  • 2: The National Assembly have passed a bill today which officially recognises the self-proclaimed Flemish People's Republic following the outbreak of the Flemish Revolution last month. Chancellor Oska Stärk has stated that he is "behind the will of the Flemish people". Belgium still retains de facto control over Flanders, and the People's Republic is not recognised by any other state or political entity other than Westland. The state currently holds the majority of territory in Flanders, with the exception of the city of Brussels, with the state's capital in Antwerp. 
  • 12: Reports have surfaced regarding the accidental detonation of a nuclear weapon in the city of Sakomoto, Minami Province, in Akitsu. The device was intended to be tested in an underground facility, however the aircraft carrying the device crashed unexpectadly at Sakomoto Airport, causing the detonation of the device. Chancellor Oska Stärk has released a statement condemning Akitsu's nucelar program, stating that "nuclear weapons pose a severe threat to humanity and international peace, and are highly destructive devices", and this shocking terrible disaster shows "just how terrible nuclear weapons can be for humanity."
  • 13: Fighting continues in the Belgian region of Flanders, with the Flemish People's Republic reporting to have advanced further westward to the Gaul border, with a definite increase in rebel held territory, stating that the backing of the Westland meant that the Flemish people would be able to realise their dream and potential.