The following is a summary of news in East Asia provided by the East Asian public broadcaster, HAHK (Higashiajia Hōsō Kyōkai).


  • 27: Chinese defense officials are meeting an East Asian delegation in Beijing this week for informal talks on preventing simmering territorial disputes from erupting into armed conflict. The former members of East Asia's Air and Marine Self-Defense Forces will meet with the current Chinese defense officials on Wednesday, as Tokyo calls for a first official meeting between East Asian Prime Minister Park Sook-Wan and Chinese President Xi Jinping. There will be two days of talks in the Chinese capital followed by two more meetings that will be held in East Asia or China in the coming months, with a report expected early next year.
  • 28: The East Asian coastguard has arrested a Chinese fishing-boat skipper over suspected coral poaching, in the East Asian EEZ. The boat, the Zheling Yuyun 622, fled after ignoring an order by a Japanese patrol ship to land off one of the Ogasawara islands, some 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo, according to the coast guard. If convicted Zeng Yong, could be imprisoned for up to six months, or fined 300,000 EAY.
  • 28: Reports regarding border skirmishes on the Russia-Danguk border have surfaced. This comes several days after Danguk stated that military action between the two states was almost inevitable after Russia blocked a third attempt at a referendum on Dang reunification. Russia has been gathering military hardware on the opposite side of the Amur River for several days as a deterrent. East Asian Prime Minister Park Sook-Wan has urged peace talks to take place, and has denounced both of the states' actions regarding the conflict.

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