Кмењсн Министарство
за односе са јавношћу

Tsardom of Kamenia (CoA)

Kamenian Ministry of Public Affairs

the voice of the kamenian government


October 10

  • Islamic State - President-Minister Matija Nikolajević has announced this morning that his government is preparing to take steps to prosecute and punish members of the community who plan to travel and fight with Islamic State militants in the Middle East. Announcing steps that will be undertaken to limit flights to the devastated region, including a processing system which will allow only government-approved journalists and diplomats to Syria and Iraq, these new laws are currently "being reviewed by leading government members" who sit with Nikolajević on the Legislative Committee.

"It is essential that these processing applications to fly to such war-torn regions be implemented, all to ensure that the devastated citizens in those regions are protected from further violence from these criminals and barbarians" - President-Minister Matija Nikolajević

October 8

  • Kamenian Mafia - Minister for State Defence, Milorad Ateljević, has today issued his '12 Step Plan' for the elimination of the Kamenian Mafia. With the recent proliferation of nation-wide organized crime, as well as the spread of illegal activities such as drug trafficking, abduction and racketeering over the previous two decades, the government-backed initiatives plan to increase the powers of law enforcement in regards to search-and-seizures of suspected 'gang members', as well as the extension of funding to police officers in areas known for high crime rates. With the Kamenian People's Party still holding a majority within the Council of Ministers, it shall be expected that all laws in regards to the '12 Step Plan' will be passed in the coming weeks.

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