Seal of the Prime Minister of Sierra

Steven Hong

His Excellency Steven Hong


(Los Angeles)



La Paz incident: The Prime Minister has announced that he would take all necessary steps of protecting Sierran lands from any foreign threats and prepared to defend if Mexico continues its provocative acts over the Gulf of California. He was worked closely with Parliament and the territorial governments of Pacífico Norte, Pacífico Sur, and Sonora on the possibility of statehood. The territories have been part of the Kingdom since its founding and over the nearly 160 years of history together, no more has it grown more apparent of the territories' importance to the Kingdom. The Prime Minister commends the bravery and resilience of the peoples. "The Kingdom will always stand with its people and will never once turn its back on them. In this time of uncertainty and confusion, Sierra will remain strong in the face of fear and will continue ensuring that there be liberty without sacrifice at home and abroad."

Sri Lanka civil unrest: The Prime Minister is watching closely to the events unfolding in Sri Lanka and is confident that the Portuguese government can work with the local government in ensuring that demonstrations remain peaceful and do not go out of hand. Prime Minister Hong affirms that Sierra has always supported self-determination and hopes that differences may be handled through strong cooperation and mutual understanding.

Islamic State: The Prime Minister has stated that, if there will be an internationally led campaign against the threat of the Islamic State, he will request permission by Parliament to authorize missile strikes and aerial missions. If necessary, this may extend to limited ground troops with the main intents and purposes of equipping and assisting Iraqi and Turkish troops.


New Zealand rebellion: The Prime Minister urges that the Oceanian government and the New Zealander rebelling party peacefully resolve tensions as soon as possible. He, as the rest of Los Angeles, will be paying attention closely to the event. Oceanian Prime Minister Victoria Edwardson is currently in Los Angeles and has made her own remarks after the international meeting at the League of Nations headquarters. Both Hong and Edwardson have confided together regarding the situation at hand as the Sierran government assures that it supports maintaining national unity while not ruling out the idealistic concepts of freedom, equality, and self-determination. "The New Zealand issue is an Oceanian issue that ought to be handled by the Oceanian government. I strongly encourage and pray that both sides will not resort towards violent confrontation; instead, it is the hope that cooperation and compromise is essential towards regional security and stability," Hong stated.