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For the wretched of the earth there is a flame that never dies.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. They will live again in freedom in the garden of the Lord.

While the moral of the soldiers were clearly exalted, Secretary of the Party- Breckenridge, called the General after the rally and had ordered him to release an apology statement for the reference of religion; it wasn't until the next morning on the 11th did the General release the statement

I am deeply sorry for the religious overtones that I gave during the rally on October 10th, it was my only intention to prosper the revolutionary moral of my men who are in the wake of going off to war.
  • 14th:  The Central National Delegation will open debate at 6 AM this morning to begin debates on voting for sending troops to Iraq to fight against ISIS, Prime Minister Victoria Edwardson will be meeting with League of Nations leaders in Sierra today on forming a coalition against the Islamic extremists.

New Zealand Rebellion 

  • 15th: General Oliver Murray and Fleet Commander Mark Peterson have aligned with former Central Committee Delegate from New Zealand Julia Bancroft in declaring a breakaway Republic in the province of New Zealand. Known as the United Commonwealth of New Zealand, the rebel forces declared an independent nation at 5:30 AM on October 15th, 2014. The self proclaimed republic has made its first statement in an international plead today;
"These people of this United Commonwealth seek freedom, justice and democracy- and our current government is nothing of the sort. We ask for the nations of the world for their assistance against the tyranny of the United Socialist Commonwealth; a mutation of what its founding fathers dreamed of, it is now a cesspool of authoritarian dictators and has oppressed the people of this continent for to long. From this day on, New Zealand will be an independent United Commonwealth and will enjoy the freedoms that our God has given us. May God advance our cause, and may the world hear our cries."
- Julia Bancroft, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 15th:Secretary Breckenridge has not responded to the statement but has already deployed the 2nd Pacific Fleet to combat Fleet Commander Mark Peterson and his 1st Pacific Fleet- the formerly largest fleet in the United Commonwealth Naval Forces. Victoria Edwardson has already commented saying; "...there will be unconditional surrender- the world will side with the right belligerent in this uprising. There will be unconditional surrender."
  • 15th: Reports from the Auckland citizens that explosions could be heard in the distance, it is suspected that the USC Air Force has deployed fighters and that the rebel forces have retaliated.
  • 16th: Socialist and Rebel aircraft have begun fighting as nightfall occurs over New Zealand, both the cities of Wellington and Auckland have begun battling incoming bombers from the Australian eastern coast. Several ships from the United Commonwealth's 2nd Fleet have deployed into various areas of the Pacific Ocean and have sent two squadrons towards New Zealand.


  • 13th: The National Assembly will formally nominate the future parliament with mainland interests in mind. Several interests groups have arose in Auckland- companies and think-tanks alike will influence the assembly members on the future of the United Commonwealth. 
  • 15th: Within the United Commonwealth Privatization Act B451, all state companies have been privatized; including the nations interior water supplier which has been broken into companies to reject any monopoly status. John Ashford was recorded as being in a enraged state when the bill passed stating during the secession; "You elitist scum! Watch as the interior of our nation becomes a desert at the expense of greed!"
  • 15th: With budget problems insight of the new Assembly several new cuts have occurred with the Privatization Act. Major state universities will be shut down permanently and state primary schools will undergo a 75% slash in funding. Welfare services has been rejected by a majority in the Assembly as well with subsides for students seeking to go to college.


  • 21st: The National Broadcasting Service has offically blackouted all infromation from coming inside or going outside of the Commonwealth.