President of the United States
Frank Solomon

(Washington, D.C)
  • 14th: President Frank Solomon released the statement today at Patch Barracks in Germany today regarding the Flemish Revolution. "American allies will not stand alone when in comes to insurrections, hostile communist insurgencies. Given that the circumstances have become dynamic with the involvement of Westland, we will will also reassure that we makesthis even more complicated than ever. (laughter) If Westlandic aircraft wish to cross the English Channel in approximately 24 hours, they will be greatly warmly by the United States Air Force."
  • 14th:
    United States Department of Labor released a projected unemployment rate of 4.7% at the end of 2014 fiscal year. Solomon's election with also the Democratic takeover of the House and Senate has lead to several national spending projects to spur employment and eventual employment in the private sector. Solomons trade policy has also contributed to employment growth as well with the unprecedented decline of the U.S Dollar has allowed for goods to be sold for cheaper prices to international buyers.
  • 17th: Solomon returned to Washington D.C where he was greeted by a military parade that demonstrated the power of all the branches of the military. Several traditional American songs were preformed and the general attitude of the public who attended the speech of Solomon as "...infused with nationalism and patriotism, nothing like we've seen since that of World War II." Solomons reviewed the status of the United States position in the world,
    Return to US

    Solomon being asked questions on his return to Washington.

...the world depends upon us, will fight every communist insurgency that displays itself as a threat to true democracy. We will defend our allies, we will defend the institutions that promote true democratic ideals. We are the shinning city upon the hill, and the world will march to the beat of an American snare. America will fight against extremism across the world, in the fields of Europe and in the deserts of the Middle East, we will make sure that tyranny is halted in every corner and in every crevice...
  • 19th: Solomon jokingly told a dinner party "...we're all living in America, America its wunderbar!" in regards to his visit to Germany. While televised, several German television stations took the statement as clearly offensive and gave off a very imperialistic expression, denouncing Solomon for his untamed manners. Several international channels picked up the statement made by Solomon and regarded him as a "...champion for American exceptionalism and American imperialism and a threat to global peace." Solomon brushed off the statements saying "...seems like the Old World can't take a joke."