Cyber Bristol, also known as Cyber-B or Bristol by inhabitants is a large high-tech metropolis located in South West England in the United Kingdom. Located less than 85 miles to the Eastern Edge of Neo London, the city is densely packed, built high with towering glass and chrome buildings, plated with neon, and billboards. Cyber Bristol is a city of juxtapositions, luxury apartments lie high above the darkness below, where Crime and Decadence writhes in the alleyways where the light has forgotten and electronic music blares. Cyber-Bristol has a population of over 15 Million people, housed in the cities bustling streets and towering chrome and glass complexes. 

Bristol's Urban Culture and Technology have combined to create a unique way of life in the city, in which everyday life severely relies on the technological advances of the last century, from Nanotechnology, Virtual Intelligences, Virtual Reality and of course, the Internet. 

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