A member of a race of humans who were responsible for taking over the Denwick Galaxy, and declaring war on ParaEarth too. The Cyberitan have an advance and militaristic culture. They name ships from their language called Kyberitan or Kloibektan.


They seized power in the Denwick Galaxy in 299 A.C. The name came from their language called Kloibektan. The Cyberitans took over the Denwick galaxy between 299 A.C. and 1599 A.C. when they overthrew the Argikku Dynasty from 999 S.A. to 299 A.C. in a coup that lasted from 399 to 799 A.C. Cyberitans are malicious, and cold blooded, lots of Cyberitans are wave-killers. There are still battles going on with these horrid monsters and the galaxies combined forces to kill every single one of them. A force of 6,000 laser-runner ships gun-ships, and 9,000 laser-runner ships attacked the planet Kyberria. Then a laser-runner brigade known as Ross's Raiders killed about 20,000 Cyberitan soldiers and blew up 400 military complexes. The Cyberitan are known for their cruel and evil acts towards others. Their methods of dealing with others were as gruesome as they were. The Cyberitans use a spaceship called kill-divers, a very fast and sneaky gun-ship.


They look like humans but they were isolated for thousands of years on planet Kyberria, an ancient planet that became civilized in 3,000 S.A. and became the dominant planet in the Kybor Galaxy by the year 2,000 S.A. They have tan skin, dark hair, brown eyes, their slightly taller than the average human about , and their well built. They wear clorgas, a type of clothes that looks more like robes, and they wear a pair of sandals called concullus. A Cyberitan soldier wears a pair of boots called gopas, a suit of armour called a shaila or a kheta, a helmet called a shira. They carry the fodius, a weapon that looks like a sword, except it shoots energy at the enemy.


The Cyberitan government is an imperial dictatorship, a government where the dictator is the ruler of all planets that was conquered by him.

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