The large network of planets controlled by the Cybernetics. It was created by the Nurians and is currently at war with that species.
Cybernetic Empire
Capital City Cybersphere Central
Currency None
Population 28 Billion (including cybernetic life forms)
Official languages Communication Subdivision 1.6 (radio waves)


The Cybernetic empire was first formed when the first Cybernetic unit, Overmachine 101 (see Cybernetic Classes), began to create new units to control more planets. He believed that he wanted to create a name that would intimidate the Nurians. So the Cybernetic Empire was born.

Very quickly the Overmachine began to mass produce his machines using Nurian factories. His actions were noticed by their government but it was considered controlled. The machines produced were mainly for warfare but also included engineers, workers and programmers.

By the time that the government realised that they could not control the growing Cybernetic forces, it was too late. The Cybernetics launched an attack against a large airbase, killing over a thousand people working there and capturing sixteen powerful ships. Despite the best efforts of the Nurian government to destroy them, they succeeded in escaping Nurian airspace. They reached an uninhabited planet using the Hyperspace technology they had captured and immediately began colonizing it.

Over a number of years, the Cybernetic Empire grew and grew. The Nurians launched a number of attacks, but despite causing significant damage, they were never successful in destroying the Cybernetics completely. The Cybernetics themselves began capturing more planets and harvesting the resources they found there.

Over many years they built themselves an Empire that rivalled the power of the Nurians. Since its construction, however, the Nurians have hindered its development significantly. The two sides remain locked in war.