In the Cybernetic empire, a variety of classes have been created for various tasks, including maintenance and warfare. All eight are listed here.


The Soldiers possess astounding strength and accuracy with a weapon. They are tall and have incredibly complex programming. Each wield powerful rifles that are fused onto their main arm sections. They are used for all ground operations involving any kind of conflict.


Unsurprisingly, workers have the most primitive matrixes. They are often programmed individually for tasks instead of recieving orders by radio wave (the normal method of communication). They are often built with only one or two seperate tools, meaning that specific workers must be used for certain jobs.


These are given the task of constructing new units and repairing damaged ones, if that is a more efficient use of time and resources. All possess a variety of tools, which can be attached and detached at the will of the unit itself.


Programmers possess some of the most complex matrixes. They will program new robots and some old workers with the tasks that need to be completed.


They will be equipped with a pickaxe and a light and will work deep underground. They are tasked with finding useful and valuable materials for use by the other Cybernetic units.


These are small, often too small to be seen. They are often deployed in enemy bases and used to collect vital information about enemy movements.


These are more advanced versions of soldiers. Everything they possess is more powerful than the ordinary soldier; their weapons are stronger, their strength more superior, their matrixes more complex. The main reason that they have not been mass produced (unlike the normal Soldier) is because it takes around three days to program an individual units and many more to find all the resources needed. Currently, the Overmachines are looking for a way to build these Elites more easily.


These are the command units of the all Cybernetic units. They are in charge of relaying radio waves to other units to instruct them on what their next target is. They create all the plans and organize construction and repair as well as monitoring the other jobs currently in place. In short, they are the leaders of the Cybernetic empire.

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