The Cybernetics are a nation of machines and the controllers of the Cybernetic Empire. They were first constructed by a Nurian named Quaret, a brilliant scientist of the planet. He wanted to try and create machines that could do the Nurians' work for them. However, he made them too advanced, and in the end they rebelled and took control of a number of planets themselves. Now, the Nurian and Cybernetic empires are locked in an unending civil war.


Cybernetics come in all shapes and forms. They are intelligent enough to be able to find the resources they need to construct new members of the species, and so can create anything they can find these resources for. There are many classes of Cybernetic, including Worker, Soldier, Miner and Engineer (see Cybernetic classes).

There are a few main characteristics that all Cybernetics have - they all have a gold plate to mark their allegiance to the Cybernetics and they all have a similiar looking head. However, the rest is all based on the Engineer that constructed them and the purpose they are used for.


The Cybernetics possess basic Hyperdrive technology, as well as CNT's and advanced shielding.

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