The Cycle of Warcraft is an unoffical version of World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainement. The Cycle is the lore of World of Warcraft that has been altered for adult themes or political manuverues. The Cycle takes place upon the world of Azeroth, and also on the broken planet of Draenor. Not only does it change some of the lore, it also fills in some of the 'gaps' in the worlds' history. The Cycle of Warcraft will have returning characters such as Warchief Thrall, Son of Durotar and King Varian Wrynn. This articule is unoffical, and has not been sanctioned by Blizzard. For the offical game information, log on to or

                                                              A World of Pain

Azeroth is a world that has been ruptured by three wars of unprecendend proportions. The lands of Lordaeron have been ravaged by the Plague of Undeath, killing thousands and destroying the fertilty of the land to yield crops. The Kingdom of Azeroth had been destroyed and re-established after two grisly wars. Alterac has been destroyed for defecting to the Orcish Horde and is now the haunt of crooks,crimanals and cunning lords. Gilneas had cut herself off from the world, to the distress of her inhabitants 

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