Notes on the Culture of the Ancient Dalwar. Know that they died out roughly 1,500 years ago. 



The lifestyle of the Dalwars was strange. They quickly domesticated a red-furred goat like animal, and learned to weave. Early clothing was much like the native american robes, but as time went on, the Dalwar learned that a certain plant, when beat, could be broken and strung into many small fibers, finer than anything they had seen before. From this they made a sturdy, denim like cloth. This was often stained in shades of red, black, purple, blue, or white. Very rarely did they wear any other colors. 

The dalwar were fond of leather, and most wore the material, even if they could afford the finer cloths, and all men wore armor, generally a scaled vest, and pauldrons. This was generally made from a "Darkmetal", a kind of steel treated with magic. 

The average dalwar was a hunter and a farmer. They posessed bows and spears, and every Dalwaric male was taught to ride a horse from infancy. Females were taught to grow food, and both genders were taught to cook. As a whole, the Dalwaric society was very millitaristic, and they were often bent on conquering each other. Because of this, a family/ village had to be ready for the rules to change on them at any time, with the news that someone else had taken power. This was before the Appearance of the Borgothi, at which time the Dalwar were unified into a single state. 

Political Structure

The Sorcerers

Dalwaric sorcerers, as near as we can tell from their few surviving reccords, focused on the balance between themselves and their enviroment, shifting and altering this balance to produce the effects that they desired. The process of obtaining this ability, which manifested differently in each person who succeeded, and there was beleived to be some kind of exchange involved, where the Sorcerer had to give up his sight, and possibly other senses, along with a peice of their soul, in exchange for the power to access these gifts. 

From Relief carvings we've found on Dalwaric ruins to date, we can infer that the Dalwaric Sorcerers always wore a mask over their eyes to symbolize this trade. These carvings were once thought to be some depiction of a diety, but it appears that they depict the servants to that deity, those given power by the Dalwaric God. 

Writing & Reccords

Religion of the Dalwar

The Dalwar were monothiestic. Their religion actually has many paralells to that of the Thravic peoples. 



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