Da Vinci Class Carrier
NR Da VInci
The NR Da Vinci
Career Royal navy coa
Nationality: Kingdom of Europa
Operated by: Royal Navy of Europa
Builder: Durrës shipbuilders
Ordered: 3
Laid down: 1
Sea trials: 1
Status: Not operational
General characteristics
Displacement: 32000 tons
Propulsion: RN W13 biogasoline engines
Speed: 40 knots (46 mph)
Maximum speed: 47 knots (54 mph)
Armament: various
Aircraft carried: 35 (including EAS-Marelli M7 Navy)
Cost: over L. 1bn

The Da Vinci-Class aircraft carrier is a modern naval ship soon to enter service with the Royal Navy of Europa. This ship is presently the fastest aircraft carrier in the world, with a speed of 47 knots. As a consequence, the carrying capacity has been reduced to 35 planes. Presently only the NR Leonardo Da Vinci has been built.


The ship's design was built to be aerodynamically and aquatically efficient (streamlined) and was inspired by solar-powered cars.


The Da Vinci is powered by RN W13 biogasoline engines, which are very powerful and efficient. The

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