Dafid Ceowulf Bryðan Cerdic
Dafid the Younger
Dafid the Younger
Dafid in 2013
Incumbent 2008-Present
Coronation 2008
Predecessor Queen Freya II
Born 30 June 1985 (Age 28)
Dunster, Somersetshire, Wessex
Spouse Anwieta Cerdic
Full name
Dafid Ceowulf Bryðan Cerdic
House House of Cerdic
Father Ǵeoffrey the Wise
Mother Freya the Second
Religion Atheist
Dafid Ceowulf Bryðan Cerdic, styled as Dafid the Younger (Wessen: Dafid se Joungan) is the current Monarch of Wessex, incumbent from 2008 following his mother, Freya the Second abdicating the throne. The Eldest of five children of Ǵeoffrey the Wise, and Freya the Second, Dafid was the heir apparent. Dafid was given his style, The Younger, upon his coronation on the 12th February 2008, and is the youngest Monarch since the formation of the Modern State of Wessex in 1806. 

Dafid was born on the 30 June 1985 (28 years old) in Dunster Castle, Dunster, Somersetshire, as per Wessen Royal Tradition, like his father before him. Dafid has been described as the 'Modern King', or the 'Down to Earth King' changing the misconceptions about modern monarchies, and challenging the Wessen people's view of their monarchy. Dafid is a member of Amnesty International, and in 2010, founded the Charity, Wessen Aid.