Dahari Sqaure is located in Panau City in the Residential District and is named after the founder of the Panaun Revolution Dahari Panay. It is the city's largest sqaure and is just of a main road, and
Dahari Square

Dahiri Sqaure

contains a statue of president Pandak Panay, which was erected after he took power in 2002. The sqaure is the venue of the annaul Independence Day Prade, and was the centre of the Janaury 2010 anti-government protests that were met with a brutal government crackdown. Later that year Pandak Panay ordered the sqaure to be shut off to the public in order to prevent such mass gatherings. However, a week after huge crowds broke through the barracades and the police were unable to retain control. Today it is considerd to be the most important political site in Panau because of its role in bringing down many rulers including the Dutch and British.


It was established during the cosntruction of Panau City by Dutch settlers under the name 'De Rode Sqaure' in the early 16th centuary, and was originaly used as a market selling everyday items. By the mid 16th century, during the peroid of British control, it was renamed as 'Elizabeth Sqaure' where missionaries and troops often held gatherings and parades to show off their costumes to the natives. However, in the years of the third independence wars led by Hasan Panay (Dahari Panay father), mass demonstrations took place demanding to end with British rule, and it is where the 'The 1921 New London Massacare' took place when British troops openend fire at unarmed revolutionaries. When Dahari Panay declared Panau independence in 1957 thousands of Panauns took to the square in celebration, and it was renamed to 'Dahari Sqaure' in 1972.

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