Daikoku (大黒天) is the third planet in the Suzaku System, a warm exotic planet of great beauty, and wealth. Wealth from the planet's extensive scientific research which is encouraged by the planet's government. Daikoku is a planet where any scientific research imaginable is permitted, no restrictions, and no morals. The Asahi Corporation is the planet's main business, and Daikoku is where Asahicorp carries out most, if not all, of its research, for a hefty price. Daikoku is named after the Japanese deity of Wealth and Corruptio, Daikokuten.  

Daikoku was colonised in the 27th century, and its newly formed government quickly saw the way to make money, with many research companies being cast away from others planets due to their methods, deemd inhumane. On the surface, the planet is a beautiful landscape, reflective lakes surrounded by Sakura blossoms, and mountain peaks sprinkled with snow, however on closer inspection, it is a planet of great horrors, and lack of morals. 

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