Damien Huget
12th President of the United States of Europe
In office
Vice President Juan Manuel Dominguez
Preceded by Henrique Neto
Succeeded by Lorenzo Canale
Personal details
Born16 February 2090 (age 60)
Toulouse, France, USE
Political partyLiberale Europa
Spouse(s)Pauline Huget
ChildrenKarine (born 2120), Marcel (born 2122)
Alma materUniversity of Lyon

Damien Jean Huget is a European politican, best known for being the former President of the United States of Europe. His presidency was marked with social and economic change across Europe, including better workers rights and increases in social security benefits.

Early life

Damien Jean Huget was born in Toulouse, France on the 16 February 2090 to Agnes and Paul Huget. His parents were both financial advisors for a medium size bank based in Toulouse. At the age of 9, Huget and his family moved to Madrid, Spain where his father had accepted a job as an auditor at an international bank. Huget lived in Spain until the age of 18 where he moved to Lyon, to study Politics at the city's university.


After leaving university, Huget volunteered for several NGOs based in South and Central America. He worked in South America with his wife Pauline until the birth of their first child, when they moved to Paris where Huget wanted to pursue a political career.

Huget's first political major political post was as the Mayor of Paris between 2136 and 2140. He resigned as Mayor of Paris so he could run in the 2142 presidential election, which he won.

Huget was known as a successful president by many Europeans, major achievements during his presidency include improving social security and forging better relationships with other European countries, including Turkey and Russia.

Personal life

Huget met his wife Pauline, at the University of Lyon in 2110. They married five years later and have two children, Karine (age 30) and Marcel (age 28).

Now that Huget has retired from politics, the family divide their time between Huget's birthplace, Toulouse and their coastal villa in Nice.

Huget is an athiest and in addition to his native French he speaks English, German, Spanish and Italian.

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