Daniel Norris

2nd Chancellor of Nanteos
2nd Chancellor of Nanteos
King when Assumed office King George I
Preceded by George Fawkes

Born Jack's City
Political party Freedom Party
Defeated Allan McSweeny
Religion Unitarian

Daniel Norris was the 2nd Chancellor of Nanteos and the first chancellor to be appointed by the council.

Early Life

Daniel Norris was the only son to Jack and Katherine Norris of Jack's City. He was born in Jack's City before it was a part of the Kingdom of Nanteos. He attended Jack's University where he acquired his law degree. He stayed out of law practice however and decided instead to obtain a second degree in philosophy.

Life as a professor

After obtaining a degree in philosophy, Jack's University offered him a teaching position. He accepted the position and was a professor of law and political science.

Friendship with Fawkes

Norris was invited by mayor of Friendship, George Fawkes, to give a lecture at Friendship university on human rights and republican democracy. George and Daniel became close friends after the lecture and discussed politics with each other often. When George Fawkes discussed creating a system of constitutional rule for the Kingdom, and allowing Friendship and its allied city Jack's City to join the Kingdom, Norris was who Fawkes called to help him understand what kind of limitations needed to be set on the government.

Entrance into Politics

After the ratification of the Royal Proclamation of Unionization, Fawkes convince Norris to run for council. Norris won with ease becoming one of Jack's City's first councilmen. Norris helped found the Freedom Party and lead the party through its early years after Fawkes' ascension to the throne.

Becoming Chancellor

Upon the death of King William I, the current Chancellor of Nanteos, George Fawkes, was made king. The Royal proclamation called for the council to chose another person to become chancellor. The council chose Daniel Norris to lead the Chancellery into its second age.


Not long after defeating Allan McSweeny to win his own and second term as Chancellor, Norris announced he would not run again. Some attributed his stepping aside to his views on limited government. Others claimed he was angered by his longtime friends George Fawkes not making him his heir. Either way Norris did not run for a third time.

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