Dannyburg is an electoral division of the Georgeland House of Commons, consisting of the central sections of the city of the same name, the state capital of Long Island. Dannyburg is a safe Liberal Democrat seat, and has historically been a safe Labour seat since the Second World War. It has existed since the first Parliament in 1891.
The incumbent MP for Dannyburg is Liberal Democrat Kelly Houston.

Members of Parliament

  1. Sir Joseph Knight 1891-1903 (Conservative)
  2. Philip Sanderson 1903-1922 (Protectionist/Labour)
  3. Jonathan Court 1922-1947 (Conservative)
  4. Jim Babbage 1947-1953 (Labour)
  5. Rory Kennedy 1953-1954 (Conservative)
  6. Jim Babbage 1954-1975 (Labour)
  7. Jeffrey Hobbes 1975-1979 (Independent)
  8. Brian Stephens 1979-2002 (Labour/Liberal)
  9. Kelly Houston 2002- (Liberal Democrat)

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