Dar-C: (Darcy Ahmad Campbell, 1970-2001) Georgeland Gangsta Rapper from Doubledance. An African-Georgelander, born in the Gretta neighborhood of Doubledance, a working-class ghetto with a predominantly African and Indian population. At the early age of 13, he enrolled to the notorious Bonebreakerz gang and was involved in some beatings and car stereo thefts. He took rapping and breakdancing which helped him wash his hands clean off the gang scene when he was 18. At the age of 19, he first recorded his single titled Junk full-o Gretta (Livin' Hell). He was strongly influenced by the Rap band Public Enemy and Dar-C even imitated the band member Flavor Flav 's style, with his then trademark of a clock. The song was a blast in all Georgeland and even was known to The Seven Isles. Next year he released his album Straight Outta Gretta. The album stirred up conversation in all Georgeland about minority issues, racism and violence. In the song I did what I gotta do for example, Dar-C told the (perhaps fictional) story of how he beat a "Whitey Bastard" to death, which shocked the White audience and even resulted the threatening of Dar-C by Pure Nation, a white-supremacist group in Georgeland which is allegedly responsible for some racial homicides of Indian, Asian and African Georgelanders. Dar-C denied that this story was real, and he told that his problems were with "the racists and the rich who didn't give a damn about poor little black kids", besides that his girlfriend was a white. In his second album of You gotta get what ya wanna, released in 1992, he toned his message a little down, and wrote more politically charged songs, blasting governmental policies, high unemployment in the Ghetto, and drug usage. Then he took into several social campaigns, in NGO's involved with education, he even donated all the revenues from his hit single My Grandma, released in 1994 for the Gretta Center for Senior Citizens built for the elderly, particularly the homeless. My Grandma became a major hit, and many children requested the song to play on the radios for their grandparents. After that he released two other albums named Weed ain't shit in 1998 and Torn apart in 2000, without a big commercial success, but still appreciated. However those years were not good for him, since he was threatened on a daily basis by White supremacists, particularly Pure Nation, by druglords in Doubledance for his anti-drug activities and also his own former Bonebreakerz gang members. In 2001, as he was getting ready for his next album (and the last-to-be), he was shot dead in his car on the outskirts of Doubledance. The murderer(s) are still not caught and the fingers are mostly pointed at Pure Nation.

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