The Dark Time was a period of 5 years, between 3150 and 3155, when the old Earth Empire disbanded itself, and the United Earth Federation was established five years afterwards. During this period, anarchy and chaos hit what was once the Earth Empire. Earth, with a then-population exceeding 20 billion, was in a state of disarray. The Empire Building was completely burned to the ground and the Legislature's Meet was almost completely destroyed. Throughout the colonies, looting and rioting took place, with what remained of the old EarthCom struggling to keep even a fraction of order.

In the second year of the Dark Time, when the chaos started to get tamer, many colonies were abandoned by their defense, and later the farmers and citizens, because of the fear of invasion without defense. All these people retreated to colonies closer to Earth, which were still, in a sense, relatively safe. With no governing body, the few high ranking officers of EarthCom attempted to keep some sort of order where they could, and were seen as the government.

Outer colonies were being invaded and secured by the Cybrans and Aeon at a rapid pace. The Arranchi also took a few planets, however couldn't quite secure a valid foothold. Billions of people who remained behind at these outer colonies were either killed or enslaved. The United Earth Federation was founded in 3155 when EarthCom finally regrouped itself well enough to begin securing more and more of its original colonies. However, to put an end to the anarchy on Earth and inner colonies, troopers had to resort to forms of genocide against their own people to calm the masses. An estimated 500 million people were killed by UEF EarthCom troopers within one year after the establishment.

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