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Dating methods

Two major ways to date the events of the history of the world:


The traditional way of dating is the AL, which stands for "After Luminaria", which refers to the year of the revelation of the Luminarian religion in Origina. This method was dominant for most of known history because of the tremendous influence that religion has had on the world; because their zeal for spreading missionaries meant that adherents could be found throughout much of the known world; and because the peoples who did most of the intercontinental trade were almost all believers of the religion, and used that dating method extensively in their record-keeping. Not much is known of the times before the founding of the religion (much of it intentionally purged from the records by Luminarians who disapproved of anything and everything not done in the name of their religion); and even much of the first two millennia AL had also been lost, as so much time had passed between then and modern times.


The modern way of dating is the BEA, which stands for "Before the Establishment of Altariya", and AEA, which stands for "After the Establishment of Altariya", which only comes into use several decades after the founding of the university of its namesake, Altariya University. The date is important because it marks the beginning of a renaissance in technological thought that would bring the world out of its medieval stasis and into a period of great innovation in both the mundane and the magical.

The founding of Altariya University is (exactly) 0 BEA, (exactly) 0 AEA and 3842 AL.

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