The Day of Vanama is a world reknown festival held once a year before Axaxuna, and considered the biggest celebration in the world with more than five million people per day on the streets. It is held n/a, in the xarukdom of n/a, and has been celebrated every year since 8391 BNC. It is known for its provocative events, which include but aren't limited to human sacrificing, massive orgies, practically naked participants and watchers, and sadistic practices, many of which have since come to represent Xianism around the world.

The celebration is dedicated to the Goddess of Lust and Rape, Vanama, henceforth the name of the holiday, and as she is the daughter of Xauti, many of the tradition ways of worshiping him have since been applied to his daughter. Women and young girls are the center of the celebrations, where groups from each of the xarukdoms compete for the attention of the men, and give their bodies up in a competition which basically amounts up to what foreigners have deemed a "glorified sex contest." It is the most popular celebration in collective Ixanian culture, and when possible, celebrated by Ixanians abroad if they cannot make it to n/a.



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