Deanlandia is a large planet orbiting the star Zovoros, with the moon, Crabbinol, orbiting it. It is a unique planet in the Zovoros system, as it is the only one of two with life. This planet is also know for it's conveinent resources, such as rocket fuel and Spoffet, that many Space pirates have taken advantage of.

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The planet of Deanlandia's geography is mostly water . Though, two continents do exist, Gafrelig and Tartiot. Gafrelig is in the eastern hemisphere, while Tartiot is in the western hemisphere. These continents are the only landmasses of the planet, with the exception of the Rolonoid Islands, Tomphoso, and Firnidah Island.

While the land may be a bit rare, many geographers have pointed out that underwater land marks are quite common. These range from, the black pole of Giotle to the Portal room of multiple con-worlds. The concept of landmarks surrounded by water has confused so many shcolars that they have now named the watermarks, but commoners ignore this suggestion.

Flaura and Fuana

The native flaura and fauna of Deanlandia is not diverse. Approximately 75% of life on Deanladia is just in the phylum of bacteria magicis-lutum. The second most common type of life-form is plants, and in third is fungus. No animals are native to Deanlandia.

Half a galactic year ago, human explorers, from planet Furgandi , brought invasive animals to Deanlandia. These creatures include exotic things like rats, spoffets, and humans. The last one has had an especially negative effect on the enviroment. No one has found a way to remove them, thanks to certain behaviors like tourism and immigration.

Early History

A little less than half a galactic year ago, the planetary nation of Furgandi, which is a space-farring nation, settled the town of Vals on the north coast of Galfrelig. It was a small colony built on the mouth of the river Yaldo. The town was a success and soon other Furgandi colonies were placed on the north side of Galfrelig, such as the town of Hudleblon, Grisvo city , and the lost city of Dean. Grisvo City quickly became an economic powerhouse, and many humans, along some other sentient beings like SquidmenTimelords, and Bith immigrated to the city. In fact, the lost city of Dean, which was called "the city of Dean", had so many people leaving to go to Grisvo City, that within a few year, the city of Dean lost 95% of its population.

The years past and eventually the city of Dean became a ghost town. The last person in that city, Ted Vumba , left and became a historian. He wrote this famous line in his book, "Early history of Deanlandia", the next year:

A city has died, but now, a new age of Deanlandia has started.

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