The Defiance Defense Perimeter (DDP) is a 3,000+ mile long system that serves as the primary defense of the Hurian Federation, and the bulk of its population. In the event of a foreign invasion, the area within the DDP would serve as a sanctuary for the Hurian citizens, while the perimeter itself was fortified with Pride Defense Towers, and a number of other military installations and weapon arrays. The system was completed in 1998, and has been undergoing constant upgrading and maintainance since then. The DDP was been named of the "eight wonder of the world" by prideful Mandinka engineers.


Following the excursions of terrorists, traspassers, and annoying tourists, the Hurian War Council believed that Huria was open to all types of attacks, and that the nation needed a static line of defence in the event of a full-scale invasion. In 1983, the government initatiated the Defiance Program which operated alongside the construction of the fortress city of Defiance, planned to become the new capital of Huria. As the plans for the perimeter came to fruitation, the military asked that their new weaponry be included, more as a shock and awe tactic than anything they thought would be truly effective. This included thermal weapon batteries, electrified fences, and landmines of all types and sizes. A series of defences would be created depending on the location and terrain. On the border with Somalia, a thin lines with no fencing was constructed, and smaller turrets were built in a thin line for the duration of Somali-Hurian border. The reason for such scant defences was that no possible threat could come from that region, and that any major force could be repulsed by the superior Hurian military.


DDF Thermal Battery

A thermal battery cannon on the perimeter

The Hurian War Council established the Pride Defense Tower program, which consists of a series of 45 foot tall towers placed every 75 feet along the DDP. This comes to 23,960 towers along the whole of the Perimeter. The towers consisted of four automatic 76mm emplacements surrounding a single large 155mm emplacement, and are armed with an array of concussion, fragmentation, incendiary, and anthrax shells that can fire at targets up to several hundreds of miles away. At key locations such as near Defiance, Chuma, and Bastion, some guns have access to nuclear shells. Though costal regions were to be protected as well, the government opted to build a secondary defense system for that later on.

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