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Les Vasil Erasnum Ous Degni
The Royal Kingdom Of Deino
Motto: (Deino)Sobriment Vasil - (English) Royal discovery
Anthem: '

CityLargest City Tribeca
Official Language(s): Dionish
National Language(s): Dionish, English
Regional Language(s): Dionish, English, French, Spanish
Demonym: Denea(F), Deneus(M)
Ethnic Groups: 75% White, 15% Mulattos, 10% Other
 - Vastil (King):
 - Mauli (Advisor):
Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Carles Ous Amnos I
Leptin Les Datmes
 -De facto:
 -National State:

 - Total Population:
 - Density:

93km square
Currency: Monitar Vasil

Deino or the Royal Kingdom of Deinos; (Deino: Les Vasil Erasnum Ous Degni) is a kingdom on the middle eastern part of America. It is a medium size kindom compared to the other kingdoms and states of the western world. Deinos borders on the West Lafait, on the north Cainda, the nation contains one of the biggest ports of the whole western world. The kingdom emerged in 2020 a.d. as the Kindome of Trasbil, later to be named Deino after the Unification of Vabeth and Trasbil. The Kingom of Deinos is a mayor economic power and trade benificiary, every nation in contact with this kindome has access to the Eastern World. The Capital City of Deinos is Tribeca, known before as Manhattan.


American Empire

The American Empire arose in the year 1776 and became the most powerful Empire economically in the years 1900s and beyond. The Empire as held together by language, Economy, Road, and other means of advanced communications. Many European influenced this empire since the beginning of its colonization and independence. The main language spoken in the empire was English and then Spanish. The American Empire has a Federal Government system, where the govenment is sperated between two sets, the State governments and the bigger main government. the Main government is seperated into three branches, the judicial Branch, Executive Brance and the legislative branch. This government gave way to the many different governent tide to the Democratic-Republican type government.

Quebec Control

After the fall of the great American Empire​, French became introduced after the fall of the empire when the northern state of Quebec took over the New England and northern fallen states. Cousing many internal state issues, creating communities and gangs that fought against one another.
NY 2017

NY, 2017

Many grand gangs arrosed resulting in many communities to become sovereign and controlling many parts of the Americas. in the eastern part of the Americas were the state of New York once stood was seperated into many small democracies and totalitarian states, Some of the most Strongest states that arrosed in that area the year 2015 are Ringen in the north, Balent in the Middle, and Trasbil In Manhattan.

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