Delalt'r, officially the Republic of Delalt'r, is a sovereign state in the western part of Negterra Island. It encompasses 25 provinces and a Special Administrative Region with over 60 million people. Delalt'r's republic form of government comprises an elected legislature and a president. The nation's capital is Gulhold. The country shares land borders with Negterrania. Other neighbouring countries include the Rajinate of Scransea and Yatland. Delalt'r is a founding member of the Southern Union.

Government and politics

Main articles: Politics of Delalt'r and Elections in Delalt'r

Delalt'r is a republic with a presidential system. As a unitary state power is concentrated in the central government. Following the resignation of President Elijas in 2298, Delaltrian political and governmental structures have undergone major reforms. The president of Delalt'r is the head of state and head of government, commander-in-chief of the Delaltrian National Armed Forces, and the director of domestic governance, policy-making, and foreign affairs.

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