Delamore is a planet in the Great Abyss and has two moons, E'luna and Crymir. Delamore is home to several native sentinel beings, such as humans, alps, dragons, dwarves, the nymph and countless other creatures. It's wide and diverse cultural and political cultures have resulted in several clashes over the planets four known continents, Oshela, Kaylmond, Rula and the largest being the Western Kingdoms.  


While Delamore has many creation myths and stories, most Dwarven and Human scholars have concluded that an ancient being worshiped by a paleolithic race named as D'elu was the formal creator, whom have evidence and scripture of encountering the being in person. The D'elu were pure non-material beings that formed primarily of hope, spirit and love, they had a faint light that emitted from them. Known never to fight, they were seen as a perfect creation in the eyes of Ashamir, whom scattered parts of himself to form the race and give them independence to purify the desolate world and create Delamore into a healthy and green state.

Ashamir in the creation of Delamore had noticed in the Great Abyss the stirring of chaos and destruction was still ever present, those whom disagreed with Ashamir's crusade for order, peace and happiness. In his quest to defend his children, battled the floating being known as Os'lar, a floating hep of flesh and screaming voices, and imprisoned him on the Moon of Delamore, known as Crymir. Os'lar's chambers was simple, peaceful and quiet, something that drove the being insane and into discourse. 

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