The 2007 legislative election for the Georgeland state of Delmago Island will take place on March 9, 2007, and will elect the new 13-member Delmago Island state legislature. Incumbent Chief Minister Daniel Mahoney will be seeking a second term in office, while opposition leader Mike Socic will attempt to become Chief Minister for the second time.

Opinion Polling

The Delmago Island political climate has altered significantly in the last three years with the downfall of the Labour party and end to the 18-year government of Maryanne Hislop. Recent polls have indicated as many as 20% of Delmago Island voters would be prepared to cast their vote for the far-right Georgeland National Front, which may give them as many as three of the thirteen seats in the legislature. Support for the Georgeland Alliance is also on the rise, with results indicating they may increase their allotment of seats from two to three.
In January 2007, the voting intention of the sample of voters polled as as follows:

The results have been analysed by several experts, who have predicted a variety of results. However, the official prediction by electoral expert John Gates, published in the Georgetown Bugle on February 1, 2007, predicted that the Conservatives would win five seats, the Liberal Democrats four, the National Front two and the Alliance two. This would indicate a Conservative minority government.

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