State of Demitu
Daďá Démitú (Demitian)
Dark Green: Demitu
Light Green in Inset: Territories under Demitian control
Capital Tmdyel
Largest Largest City Ispldyel
Ethnic groups 100% Demitian
Demonym Demitian
Government Presidential Republic
Ulya Krjma
Legislature Council of Demitu
Important Dates
• Independence from Kereske
606 BU
• Republican Revolution
108 BU
• Total
28,171 km2 (10,877 sq mi) (130th)
• Estimate
1,800,000 (104th)
• Density
63.90/km2 (165.5/sq mi) (8th)
Currency Demitian Ul

Demitu, officially the State of Demitu (Demitian: Daďá Démitú IPA: [dɐɟɑ: dɛ:mitu:]) is an island nation consisting of two primary islands: Demitu, which comprises over 99% of the country's territory and population, and the much smaller Achmak. It is located in the Sea of Ithqol, south of Mesemyu, north of Bikka, and west of Kereske.

Demitu was established as a unified political entity in 701 BU at the behest of Ervus I of Kereske, who wanted to try to reduce the dominance of the Empire of Bikka in the Sea of Bikka. Less than a century after its establishment as a Kereski colony, the native Demitians revolted and expelled the colonial government. Over the following centuries, Kereske frequently tried to recapture Demitu, but with no luck, as Demitu forged strong alliances with Mintu, Ixinia, and Bikka. In 108 BU, another revolution broke out, which toppled the monarchy and installed an elected government.

Shortly after the republican government came to power, King Ibatus I of Kereske signed a treaty with the new government, officially ending centuries of Kereski aggression against the islands.

Beginning in 65 AU, Mesemyu launched the first of many failed conquests of the islands. Peace was not official between Demitu and Mesemyu until Emperor Iosaakaveib I signed a treaty in 308 AU.