Chairperson Ted Scott
Founded November 27, 1858 (1858-11-27)
Headquarters 1401 21st Street, Suite 200, Bernehim, SJ
Student wing Collegiate Dem-Reps of Sierra
Youth wing Young Dem-Reps of Sierra
Membership 19.5 million (2015)
Ideology Center-left
Social liberalism
Anti-monarchism (formerly)
Sierran republicanism (formerly)
Agrarianism (formerly)
International affiliation Liberal International
Official colors      Dark cyan
13 / 44
House of Commons
91 / 250
Kingdom of Sierra
Coat of arms of Sierra.svg

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The Democratic-Republican Party (officially abbreviated as DRPS and shortened as Dem-Reps) is one of the three largest political parties in the Kingdom of Sierra. Founded in 1858 by Ulysses Perry, a republican and opponent to the monarchy, the party has held immense influence in Sierran politics and development.

Historically founded on a classical liberal platform, the party openly opposed the Sierran monarchy (thereby effectively serving as the counterpart to the pro-monarchist Royalist Party) and promoted the ideals of American republicanism, populism, and agrarian politics well into the beginning of the 20th century. During the Sierran Cultural Revolution however, the party made a shift leftward economically, and reoriented itself to provide a socially liberal-progressive platform. It has been credited with the establishment of Sierra's welfare system and the first of parties to promote multiculturalism in the 1900s.

At the turn of the century, the party later abandoned its anti-monarchist platform in 1903. It continued to retain its name, hence why the Democratic-Republican Party has not become known as simply as the "Democratic Party". From there, it shifted its focus towards promoting civil liberties and economic equality, a tradition that has remained steadfast with the party to the present date. Until recent years, it alongside the Royalist Party constituted Sierra's two-party system. Since 1990, with the rise of the Libertarians, the Democratic-Republican Party has declined in political power and support although it continues to dominate Sierra's urban and coastal regions.

There has been 11 Democratic-Republican prime ministers, the first being Ulysses Perry, who served from 1870 to 1873 prior to his assassination. The most recent Democratic-Republican prime minister is Prime Minister Steven Hong who was elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012. Signature policies and legislation developed by the Democratic-Republican Party include a pension plan, universal healthcare, protections of civil rights and voting rights, food stamps, student loans and financial aid programs, anti-discrimination laws, and legalization of same-sex marriages nationwide. Historically a party built on the interests of poor, white farmers, and later unionized working-class citizens, the Democratic-Republican today consists of a broad and diverse coalition composed of social liberals, progressives, and centrists. The modern party has had a reliably loyal base of African Sierrans, Hispanic and Latino Sierrans, Arab Sierrans, the LGBT community, millennials, and single women.

Together with the Green Party, the Democratic-Republicans are both partners in the Progressive coalition. As of 2016, neither the party or the coalition as a whole has a majority or plurality in either houses of the Parliament nor do either hold a majority in governorships or provincial/state/areal legislatures.



In the years of its infancy, the Democratic-Republican Party was the party of republicanism, and its opposition to the Monarchy which had been established by the Constitution of 1858. The party drew its support primarily from poor yeomen farmers and the urban working-class, most of the former whom were heavily concentrated along the Central Valley, part of which would develop into the socio-geographic region now known as the Styxie, and the latter in the two largest cities at the time, San Francisco City, and Porciúncula.







Name and symbol

Ideology and political positions

Economic issues

Legal issues

Social issues and civil rights

Foreign policy issues



Economic Policy

Social Policy

Foreign Policy

  • Reaffirm relationships with those in the Pacific, the Americas, and Europe
  • Support for Israel
  • Decrease military presence in the Middle East
  • Promote democracy and refuse to engage in relations with repressive regimes

Voter base



  • Christian Democratic-Republicans of Sierra
  • Conservative Caucus of Democratic-Republicans
  • Libertarian Caucus of Democratic-Republicans
  • New Democratic-Republicans
  • Progressive Caucus of Democratic-Republicans


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