Democratic Alliance (English)
Democratische Alliantie (Dutch)
Founded 2038
Ideology Social Liberalism
Economic Conservatism
Political position Center to Center-right
International affiliation Liberal International
Official colours Orange
The Democratic Alliance (DA) is a social liberal and economically conservative political party in the Marit Islands. The party was formed in 2038 to oppose both the left and right-wing parties. Usually, the DA has formed parliament coalitions with the National State Party.

The DA is the second longest-lasting political party in the islands, after the NSP. Until modern history, the DA has not been considered a major political party. However, there have been two times in its history where the leader of the DA lead the party to a victory in parliament and formed a government. George Lee Hires, a moderate politician from the DA, is considered one of the most popular prime ministers and was the longest serving until Maiky van Peer took the title. In 2184, the DA formed a government under Jennifer Huot in the House of Representatives.