Democratic Party of Lecrotia
Partito Democratico Lecroziano
Demokratikke Partäe Lekrôtzja
Founder Edoardo Amelia
Chairman Guglielmo Moretti
Secretary Vittorio Ferri
Great Council Leader Riccardo Cheng
Rep's Chamber Leader Riccardo Messori
Founded 5 March 1977
Merger of Lecrotian Socialists
Lecrotian Left Alliance
Liberal Party of Lecrotia
Headquarters Via Sandro Pertini, 59, Libertas, Castelmagno

Social democracy

Third Way
Official colors Baby blue
Seats in the Great Council
16 / 21
Seats in the Reps. Chamber
48 / 72

The Democratic Party is a centre-left political party in the Republic of Lecrotia that espouses the philosophies of progressivism, social democracy and the Third Way. Founded in 1977, the Democratic Party was founded by merging Lecrotian Socialists, the LLA and the Liberal Party. It governs in coalition with the Green Party and the Communists.

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